Films and Projects by Andreas Kueng (Director, Writer, Producer)

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The End of the Affair (16mm)

A short film, shot in 3 hours on a swiss made Bolex H16 in NYC.

A true story about a special occupation and its consequences.



Über Haschisch (2015) – play

Play by Walter Benjamin. Theater Neumarkt, Zurich, Switzerland.

Director: Heike M. Götze. With: Simon Brusis, Dagmar Bock, and Andreas Küng.

Role: Production Assistant, Assistant Director. Role: Medical Doctor (on video).


(Caspar Urban Weber / Theater Neumarkt)

Das [kiffen] tut er – wie Benjamin das bisweilen tat – unter den Augen eines Arztes, es handelt sich ja nicht nur um ein Rausch-, sondern auch um ein Arzneimittel. In diesem Mundart sprechenden Gegenüber, von dem man kaum etwas sieht ausser dem weissen Kittel, klingt das Zürich der Mediziner und Therapeuten an – mit Augenzwinkern, versteht sich. «Das isch schön gsi, wie sie das gseit händ», sagt der Arzt etwa, wenn der Erzähler berichtet, der Rausch setze sich «mit prismatischen Rändern gegen den Alltag ab» und bilde «eine Blumenform». (Excerpt from

check:mates (2011) – 48h film project

How to find a flat (and mates) in Berlin. A 48h film project, realized in Berlin, November 2011.

Role: Main Actor, the one with the voice-over (Andreas Küng)

Check it out:

Give your services a name

Make it easy and accessible: If you package services cleverly, it makes both clients and providers happy. It works for weighty machines as well as for superfast-moving goods such as electricity. (Remember: E=mc²)

How to make a magazine

The Swiss NZZ Media Group asked for a new employee magazine. Here is how three local publications ended up in one for all.

Think, write and discuss a reform of tourism

A campaign that helps decision makers to understand the grison reform of tourism. And, hopefully, the politicians to endorse to proposed new tax law.

Build your own opinion: The Facebook-GroupThe Online Tax-Calculator, and The report about everything